League of Legends New Champion:Lucian the Purifier

Lucian is the new champion coming out for League of Legends. Lucian appears to be a ranged AD champion. This champion has high mobility and seems to play a good role as ADC.

Lucian Blaga

Lucian Blaga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Lightslinger: Whenever Lucian uses an ability his next auto attack will attack twice but the second one does reduced damage.
  • Piercing light: Lucian shoots a bolt of light that damages enemies in a line.
  • Ardent Blaze: Fires an exploding shot that mark enemies hit. When you shoot an enemy marked you gain a short burst of speed.
  • Relentless pursuit: Lucian will dash forward, removing all slowing effects and if he kill and opponent with his ultimate the cool down is refreshed.
  • The culling: Lucian can move freely while firing in a single direction. He can cast relentless pursuit when doing this.


When playing as Lucian constantly hit your enemies during the start to keep them away so they get denied experience. After you have hit them enough you should be able to get a kill with ardent blaze, relentless pursuit, and the culling. Using these three abilities in a combo should let you do a lot of damage while letting you keep up with your enemy.

When getting into later game with many team fights, try to stay back and do as much damage as possible. If enemies try to target you then use relentless pursuit to get some distance. Other good things to do when being chased would be to use ardent blaze then the culling to freely run and shoot behind while getting increased movement speed because of ardent blaze.


Lucian will be a great champion for running away or when trying to chase. Being able to move freely with his ultimate will give him a huge advantage when trying to kite an enemy.


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