Should we send Duo lanes top now?

So as I was listening to riot’s patch notes for pre-season and I started thinking, why send the duo lane bot? My reasoning is that early dragon does not matter that much, with two top you can easily force the top laner out or at least push him in and then take rift harold. With rift Harold and the new squishy turrets you could easily take the first top tower and probably the inner one as well. You will have the numbers advantage. Although for this to work as I stated you will need a decently strong early game jungler, a relatively even mid lane match up on your side, and a “top laner” who can hold decently well (like a mordekaiser or something). Now going back to before, you do not even have to push top. In some cases you could just send four mid and grab two tower with rift harold buff. Now of course pushing mid will probably be harder since it is easier for people to rotate to.

The snowball: If you can get two turrets out of this it opens up a lot of the map and can allow your early game dominant jungler (if you picked something like elise, lee, etc) to do really whatever they want to. Also, the gold advantage you get from the early towers will now make all of your minions stronger. After you take the towers you can then send your “top laner” back up top to do whatever and send the duo back bot. With the empowered minions, tower advantage, and gold advantage you should be able to proceed to take dragons and more towers to further snowball.

Conclusion: So yes there are flaws and this is full of “what ifs”. Some flaws would be, you need to communicate in champ select and in game a lot more (hard for solo Q), not being over aggressive and messing the whole thing up, getting all the champion picks you want, and there are probably more but its late at night so you can think of them. Now I realize that this is basically the lane swaps that LCS does but im talking about how much stronger it will now be and implementing it into the average game instead of just LCS.

Im all up for discussion and thanks for reading all this. With all the stuff riot changed they are making a big risk. A lot of things could pop up that basically make the game unplayable but this is pre-season so anything goes and don’t hate on riot just yet.

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