My First 30 Minutes: Wildstar

Here is a Link to my video of me playing for the first half hour:


Introduction: Wildstar came out about a year ago. Although it only recently  (within the few months) became free to play. You can still spend money on cosmetics and possibly upgrades but I haven’t really played enough to know anything about the value of that (if you even are able to). So I played Wildstar for about half an hour and this article will tell you what I think of the game. Note that this is not necessarily a review but a first impressions article but first impressions are quite important for a game.


My background: I feel like you knowing my background of MMORPGs  (which Wildstar is) is important so you Don’t think I’m just pulling stuff out of my ass. So I have played a good amount of Oblivion and a bit of Skyrim. I have also played A LOT of Wizard 101 in years past and about a month of World of Warcraft. So I hope that background is enough to know at least somewhat of what I’m talking about with them all being MMORPGs.


Graphics: So there are three main elements to a game and the one that makes its first impression is graphics. Wildstar has amazing cartoon graphics. There is not blockiness, it is all smooth and we’ll put together. There is not much to talk about in this category but the graphics are spot on for this game.


Story: The story can be the least or most important part of a game. It all depends on the game and the person but for MMORPGs he story is usually pretty important. So as far the Wildstar story goes I’d say it’s pretty good. Usually the story doesn’t get explained much in the first 30 minutes of a game but you get a brief background history of why you are doing what you’re doing. You also get some lore of each race when you’re deciding what race you want to play. Most of the lore is also explained in a cutscene at the start. I prefer this because im lazy when it comes to most lore reading.


Gameplay: This is probably the most important part for people in any game with action in it. So the Gameplay is quite similar to that of World of Warcraft. It is a third person Gameplay where you go around completing quests. The fighting is also similar to WoW, you walk in range to use your abilities on the enemies which are usually wandering around away from NPCs that give you quests/missions. Once you’re in range you press a button to activate one of your abilities in your hotbar. Most abilities have a restriction on it like a cooldown or you need a certain amount of energy to cast it. You get energy by being in combat. Since I am a bit of WoW fan I really like the way the combat feels. I also like MMORPGs in general so the quest system is very familiar to me.
Conclusion: Although games of this size are hard to get a good feel for in just 30 minutes If I were to give this game a rating it would 9/10. Nice graphics, at least a decent story, and the gameplay feels so natural. I am definitely going to be playing this game some more and I recommend trying it out.

How Good is Brand?

Introduction: Brand has been a hot topic for a while now. People have always wondered how he fits into the meta, if he is a good pick, and more recently if/when you should play him support. This is not a straight up guide but my insights on the champion although you may still learn a bit on how to play him.


Brand mid: Champions are usually pick (in ranked) because they have something that other champions don’t, they benefit your team composition, or you are really good at that champion. If you are extremely good at a champion it usually doesn’t matter if the champion is actually good so I will not cover that any further. So what does Brand have that other champions don’t? Well he is a mid range mage so he is usually in the middle of what you want. This means he won’t have the wave clear of Ziggs or the burst of Le Blance but instead he has decent wave clear and decent burst. Although with Liandrys Torment he does a lot of percent damage. This helps his effectiveness a lot because of all the juggernaut popularity and with the new health items. Also with his high base damage just getting double penetration items will let you burst their squishies with ease. This allows some variance with his build which is always nice. For team compositions pick him if you need decent wave clear and good area damage or if you need a decent eat to deal with tanks.


Support: First, the thing that makes Brand support even considered is his Q being a two second stun. Although the main question is why pick Brand support over Zyra support. They both have high damage for being a support, they both have a skill shot CC ability, both have good damage over time, and both have good AoE damage as well. Let’s start with some things that Zyra has over Brand. She only needs to land one ability to CC a target, early game damage is a bit higher, built in CDR, and two CC abilities that can hit multiple targets over Brand’s one which makes her very good at stopping dives. Now Brand’s CC is on a much lower cooldown, CC is longer, more AoE damage, and has two targeted abilities. As you can see Zyra does have more things going for her than Brand does. Now I haven’t calculated there damage or anything so keep that in mind but unless you play Brand a lot then Zyra is probably the better support overall. Feel free to try it out though.


Brand’s state in the meta: Brand has almost always been just below the line of champions you want to pick. There are a few reasons for this. One, he is mid ranged so champions like Xerathe, Ziggs, and Lux are hard for him to touch. Second, two spells are needed to peel people off of you and many times both of those spells will be skill shots. Third, he can be difficult to play. Getting the combos right and knowing how to use abilities for different situations can be quite a challenge for some. He can bring a lot of team fight power but so do a lot of other champions, people just don’t like that he is in the middle of everything you want in a mid laner.


In Conclusion: So how good is Brand? Well i’d say that Brand is definitely not the strongest mid laner right now but he is pretty good if you learn him a bit. Also, he is by far a better mid laner than support. So try him out since I doubt Riot will be nerfing him anytime soon.


Thanks for reading: Here some quick tips for you if you read through the whole thing.

  • Don’t be afraid to use your ult just to get your passive on them, even if it can’t bounce you can then stun them and follow up
  • Using W and then Q right after at a far range will cause them to get stunned right when W goes off
  • You can Q at max range and then flash E a target to get a stun off