League of Legends New Champion:Lucian the Purifier

Lucian Blaga

Lucian is the new champion coming out for League of Legends. Lucian appears to be a ranged AD champion. This champion has high mobility and seems to play a good role as ADC.

Lucian Blaga

Lucian Blaga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Lightslinger: Whenever Lucian uses an ability his next auto attack will attack twice but the second one does reduced damage.
  • Piercing light: Lucian shoots a bolt of light that damages enemies in a line.
  • Ardent Blaze: Fires an exploding shot that mark enemies hit. When you shoot an enemy marked you gain a short burst of speed.
  • Relentless pursuit: Lucian will dash forward, removing all slowing effects and if he kill and opponent with his ultimate the cool down is refreshed.
  • The culling: Lucian can move freely while firing in a single direction. He can cast relentless pursuit when doing this.


When playing as Lucian constantly hit your enemies during the start to keep them away so they get denied experience. After you have hit them enough you should be able to get a kill with ardent blaze, relentless pursuit, and the culling. Using these three abilities in a combo should let you do a lot of damage while letting you keep up with your enemy.

When getting into later game with many team fights, try to stay back and do as much damage as possible. If enemies try to target you then use relentless pursuit to get some distance. Other good things to do when being chased would be to use ardent blaze then the culling to freely run and shoot behind while getting increased movement speed because of ardent blaze.


Lucian will be a great champion for running away or when trying to chase. Being able to move freely with his ultimate will give him a huge advantage when trying to kite an enemy.


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The Last of Us Multiplayer

Later first-person shooters utilize the intern...

This article is going to talk mostly about the gameplay and tactics that are used in The Last of Us Multiplayer.   The Last of Us  is a 3rd person shooter game and you are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. The multiplayer

Later first-person shooters utilize the intern...

Later first-person shooters utilize the internet for multiplayer features, but local area networks were more commonly used in early games. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

version is based on collecting supplies for your group to survive. The multiplayer of this game closely resembles the campaign of this game.


The gameplay uses many mechanics from the campaign. Including aiming, melee, and mostly stealth. In multiplayer the main goal is to collect supplies and kill the enemy team. Collecting supplies lets you craft items which help you kill your enemies. You can also make a class before you start a game. These classes will determine your guns and give you special perks to help you in game. Another important thing to remember is that you can see enemies through walls with the listening mechanic. When you move people can “listen” and see you when you are close enough. Also when you sprint you appear as a red dot on the mini map as if you were shooting.


When in game there are many different ways to play. Some of the options are going solo, which is when you just stick by yourself trying to be the team hero. Another is sticking with your team and having strength in numbers. A third option is trying to sneaking around the enemy team while your team distracts them. When going solo it is important to single out enemy team members to assassinate them. Another important thing to know is what to craft. When you open a container you might not be to craft something right away and if you can it might be something very useful so it is important to know what to craft at the right time. A very good thing to do when trying to sneak up on someone is to build a shiv and a smoke bomb. This works extremely well because smoke bombs don’t take any of the same items that a shiv take and the smoke will give you enough cover to get close. When trying to sneak up on someone it is good to crouch because you need to be much close when crouch for enemies to hear you. Also, when you sprint you.


When playing multiplayer keep in mind that stealth is your best friend. It can also help to play with some friend to improve your teamwork so you can win the game.

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Black Ops II Zombies: Buried

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbur...

Buried is the new black ops two zombies map. Buried offers many new and very different ways to play zombies. It offers new guns, items to build, and obstacles to be overcome. There is even chalk on walls to make the guns

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbur...

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and give you points.

The New Guns

There are two new guns in Buried. The first one is the Ray Gun MK2. This form of the ray gun is a three round burst. I recommend not using it in the early rounds since the gun will kill in only one or two hits which means you are wasting a lot of ammo. The second gun is the paralyzer. This gun give a unique ability to slowly rise. This is a very useful gun but you can only go to places that are intended for you to go to. The paralyzer has no ammo but it can overheat. In addition, the gun can also hurt and slow zombies. I recommend using it to get to places that you have not bought yet to save money. You can also use it when you’re cornered by either slowing the zombies or going above them but remember two things, one, it can overheat, and two, you still take fall damage.

New Items to Build

There are three new items that can be built in Buried. One of them is the trample steam. The trample steam is a very useful items to build if you don’t have the Paralyzer. The trample steam is placed on the ground and after a few seconds it will launch the next thing to steps on it. Although the trample steam doesn’t provide as much mobility as the Paralyzer it is still an effective way to get around the map. Another item to build is the head chopper. The head chopper is placed on a wall and will activate when a player or zombie comes near it. The head chopper is great item when staying in one spot but don’t let it hit you. The third item is a sonic cannon. This item is very similar to the thunder gun from the first Black Ops. The sonic cannon will need the turbine to work. When it is placed down and the turbine is near it, the sonic cannon will constantly send out sonic waves flinging back any zombies who are in the range. This item is also good for staying in one spot but the head chopper, turbine, and sonic cannon can all break.

The New Obstacles

In Buried there are parts of the map block off by barrels. You can get over them with the Paralyzer or trample steam but there is only one way to break it down. To break down the barricades you need the big guy locked up in a cell. To get him you need a key which can be found near the cell. When you give the big guy booze he will turn around a charge. When he charges he will destroy a barricade and kill any zombies that are in his way. Giving him booze is the only way to break down the barricades. You can also give him candy and he will either kill zombies until it runs out or pick up and carry a crawler which is good if you’re trying to keep one alive. When holding booze or candy he will follow you and if he is shot he will run back to his cell. There are also witches in a house that will take away your points if they hit you.

Buried is a very fun zombie map because of all the new features. When playing you want to be very mindful of your surrounding because it could save your life.

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