League of Legends Tips and Tricks

League of Legends

This article talks about many little helpful hints that can help you in league of legends. These tips are here so that you can learn from them and improve your gameplay.

League of Legends

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Rune and Mastery Tips

Runes and mastery are little boosts to make your champion better. When you level up you get one more mastery to use on your mastery page. Runes work very differently. You can buy runes at any time but I don’t advise buying them until level twenty because that is when you can buy the best runes. The runes that can be bought at the start are not that good. Try to use rune and masteries that fit the champion that you are using. For example, armor seals when playing as a tank champion.

Building Your Champion

When in game it is important to have a good build. Building your champion depends on three things, your champion, the role you have, and the enemy team. Your champion is the most important part of deciding what your build will be. For intense, you wouldn’t want to build AP on an AD champion. The role you are playing also decides your build. When you are playing support you won’t need much attack damage. Even what the enemy team is like can decide your build. If the enemy team is build a lot of armor you should get some armor penetration.

Being in a Lane

In most cases you will be in a lane for your game. When in a lane there are two things you can do, push or hold. When pushing a lane it is important to buy wards so you won’t get ambushed. Do not push a lane without minions to take tower hits. When holding a lane you don’t want to stray far from your tower because when you are hit by an enemy champion the turret will target that champion.


Jungling can be a very hard task and is even harder to master. When jungling you stick between the lanes and kill the jungle monsters for XP and gold. The jungler’s main job is to help any lane that needs it. When jungling it is important to plan your route because a low leveled jungler isn’t a good use to anybody. Also, it is dangerous to ambush a lane that is close to an enemy turret so hang back and wait.

There are some little tips that can really help. I hope that these tips and tricks can improve your gameplay.

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