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This article is going to talk mostly about the gameplay and tactics that are used in The Last of Us Multiplayer.   The Last of Us  is a 3rd person shooter game and you are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. The multiplayer

Later first-person shooters utilize the intern...

Later first-person shooters utilize the internet for multiplayer features, but local area networks were more commonly used in early games. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

version is based on collecting supplies for your group to survive. The multiplayer of this game closely resembles the campaign of this game.


The gameplay uses many mechanics from the campaign. Including aiming, melee, and mostly stealth. In multiplayer the main goal is to collect supplies and kill the enemy team. Collecting supplies lets you craft items which help you kill your enemies. You can also make a class before you start a game. These classes will determine your guns and give you special perks to help you in game. Another important thing to remember is that you can see enemies through walls with the listening mechanic. When you move people can “listen” and see you when you are close enough. Also when you sprint you appear as a red dot on the mini map as if you were shooting.


When in game there are many different ways to play. Some of the options are going solo, which is when you just stick by yourself trying to be the team hero. Another is sticking with your team and having strength in numbers. A third option is trying to sneaking around the enemy team while your team distracts them. When going solo it is important to single out enemy team members to assassinate them. Another important thing to know is what to craft. When you open a container you might not be to craft something right away and if you can it might be something very useful so it is important to know what to craft at the right time. A very good thing to do when trying to sneak up on someone is to build a shiv and a smoke bomb. This works extremely well because smoke bombs don’t take any of the same items that a shiv take and the smoke will give you enough cover to get close. When trying to sneak up on someone it is good to crouch because you need to be much close when crouch for enemies to hear you. Also, when you sprint you.


When playing multiplayer keep in mind that stealth is your best friend. It can also help to play with some friend to improve your teamwork so you can win the game.

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